Have WiFi Problems?
Wixi Has Answers.

Wixi takes the guesswork out of WiFi

Fix common WiFi and network problems right from your mobile device with Wixi. And if we can’t fix it for you, we’ll at least help you find out who can.

Learn why movies keep buffering

By monitoring the performances of the services you love to use most and how much bandwidth your home is using, Wixi helps you maximize the time you spend on WiFi. Now, you can sit back and enjoy Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more with less buffering.

Act against dropped video calls

Wixi pinpoints configuration problems that are the common causes of slow internet and advises you on how to fix them. Wixi can even restart your gateway for you. Go ahead, chat freely on Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, WhatsApp and more without getting up from your seat.

Spend time gaming, not calling support

Wixi is able to diagnose whether connectivity problems stem from the internet service provider or not. Now, you only have to talk to customer support when you absolutely have to. That’s more time to spend on Twitch, Xbox, or Playstation.

Give it a try, it’s free.

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