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our three-part platform

Understand, optimize, and extend your interconnected world

Software Agent

The Wixi software agent can be integrated into many different types of applications and devices. It works with the Wixi Insights Engine to give consumers rich information and tools to help them self-diagnose and repair issues with their home networks and connected products or services. With users’ permission, Wixi also reports information back to the service provider to enable superior customer support and consumer insights.

Insights Engine

As the number of consumer devices on home networks increases, Wixi leverages machine intelligence to help service providers understand, optimize, and extend consumer services. The recommendation engine keeps connected homes connected and customers content. It can be accessed through the Service Provider Insights Portal

Customer Portal

All consumer and recommendation engine information is easily viewable from the Service Provider Insights Portal. The portal not only helps businesses’ service representatives diagnose and repair consumer issues, but helps service providers understand usage patterns, device strengths and weaknesses, and consumer trends.