Catalina Labs

In an age of spiraling technological complexity, Catalina Labs believes in an interconnected world, uninterrupted.

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The Great Connector

Technology has connected humans from the first telegraph sent, to the first telephone call made, to the personal computer, cellular phone, and Internet. And now everything is connected—from home thermostats to refrigerators to cars. It’s an exciting time.

Our Vision

Our company visualizes a world where consumers experience seamless connectivity and interconnectivity across all their digital devices and services. Where everything just works.

We envision that machine intelligence and amazing user-experience design will be the foundation of this future. And we have assembled a team capable of realizing this vision.

Our Team

The people we have brought together are passionate about achieving this mission. They are experts with deep expertise in networking, mobility, design, machine-intelligence, data, and cognitive technologies.

Together, they have built a platform capable of keeping the connected world connected. A platform that can identify connected devices, diagnose them, repair them, keep them running optimally—and provide unprecedented insights to service providers while delivering amazing experiences for consumers.

Mayan Mathen


Mayan is our fearless founder. After hailing from a galaxy far, far away (South Africa) where he led strategic efforts for Dimension Data, Mayan came to the Silicon Valley by way of telecom provider, NTT. Today he guides our company innovations, never missing an opportunity to liken his entrepreneurial journey to Star Wars.

Keith Waldorf

Chief Technical Officer 

Keith, a longtime tech geek and hacker, is at the helm of our engineering team. He most recently served as CTO at iPass, and has led small and large teams globally as CTO or VP of Engineering. His passion for tech is rivaled only by his love of classic cars and playing basketball.

Rick Hartwig

Chief Marketing Officer

Rick is a marketing and messaging wizard. He brings numerous insights from his extensive experience at telecommunications companies, mobile hardware companies and enterprise software companies. He especially loves music and traveling with his wife and two young children.

Mat Conn

VP of Operations

Mat Conn brings years of leadership to Catalina Labs.  Before coming to us he served as GM of Customer Service for iiNet in Australia managing 2500 employees across 4 countries.  When not traveling the globe to visit customers he enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 daughters.