Lead with uninterrupted services, unprecedented
insights, and the best consumer experiences

Reduce churn, cut costs, and sharpen your edge as an industry leader

Become a leader in the connected home

It’s an exciting but chaotic time in the industry. Assume a leadership role by seizing control of the customer experience, streamlining operational costs, and staying ahead of the competition by monitoring consumer trend information straight from the field.

Better consumer experiences

The customer experience is everything. Ensure that the connected home stays connected, so consumers can enjoy their digital products and services without interruption.

Reduced operating expenses

Consumer self-help tools minimize the burden on your support call desk while requiring fewer in-home service calls. As issues are typically resolved easily by consumers, unnecessary truck roles and product returns are eliminated. When issues are escalated, you can more efficiently handle support calls by service reps, and when a site visit is necessary, you can minimize visit time.

Higher-quality customer service

Consumers no longer languish in long support-call queues or waste time waiting for a technician to show up. When they call a support rep or need a field technician, their home network and transaction history is automatically pulled up (with their permission), providing them with personalized service.

Improved sales and marketing opportunities

Learn about consumer preferences and trends before your competitors do. Get actionable insight on specific strengths and flaws in product designs with guidance on opportunities for new or improved offerings