About Us

In an age of spiraling technological complexity, Catalina Labs believes in an interconnected world, uninterrupted.

The Great Connector

Technology has connected humans from the first telegraph sent, to the first telephone call made, to the personal computer, cellular phone, and Internet. And now everything is connected—from home thermostats to refrigerators to cars. It’s an exciting time.

Our Vision

Our company visualizes a world where consumers experience seamless connectivity and interconnectivity across all their digital devices and services. Where everything just works.

We envision that machine intelligence and amazing user-experience design will be the foundation of this future. And we have assembled a team capable of realizing this vision.

Our Team

The people we have brought together are passionate about achieving this mission. They are experts with deep expertise in networking, mobility, design, machine-intelligence, data, and cognitive technologies.

Together, they have built a platform capable of keeping the connected world connected. A platform that can identify connected devices, diagnose them, repair them, keep them running optimally—and provide unprecedented insights to service providers while delivering amazing experiences for consumers.

Matt Delahousaye

Engineering Manager
Matt is the man leading the charge from behind the curtain. This self-proclaimed night owl heads the architecting, creating, and maintaining all of our systems when he’s not flying (and losing) drones.


Anjali Prabhu

QA Engineer
Anjali is our analytical QA wizard. She thrives on finding the slightest issue in our dynamic workflows on her quest for systemic perfection. She’s always happiest in the trenches of products or analyzing cinema in her spare time.


Manali Nandan

Mobile Application Developer
Manali is responsible for building our app. She is dedicated, enthusiastic, and loves working as part of a team. When not working hard on our applications, Manali enjoys exploring new places.


Alex Lin

Product Manager
Alex guides the development of our industry-leading products and services. Originally from Minnesota, he has come to love the bay and its fog—one hoppy beer at a time.


Tareq Hossain

Systems Architect
Tareq lives and breathes networking, cloud services, and scalable system design. He holds a PhD from Vanderbilt and MSc from ETH Zurich. When he's not ensuring that all systems are go, Tareq is an avid soccer fan and world traveller.


Keyvan Berenjian

Head of Business Development
Keyvan means business. He’s an IT service management nerd, obsessed with delivering the future of communications and making his customers happy. Keyvan has visited nearly every continent, certifying him as our resident gastronomy geek.


Alex Nefedov

QA Engineer
Alex is our vigilant advocate of quality software, and he loves to find new ways to automate QA processes. Outside of making great software, Alex loves taking his family to the ocean and jamming out to classic rock.


Keith Waldorf

VP of Engineering
Keith, a longtime tech geek and hacker, is at the helm of our engineering team. He most recently served as CTO at iPass, and has led small and large teams globally as CTO or VP of Engineering. His passion for tech is rivaled only by his love of classic cars and playing basketball.


Mayan Mathen

Mayan is our fearless founder. After hailing from a galaxy far, far away (South Africa) where he led strategic efforts for Dimension Data, Mayan came to the Silicon Valley by way of telecom provider, NTT. Today he guides our company innovations, never missing an opportunity to liken his entrepreneurial journey to Star Wars.


Rick Hartwig

VP of Marketing
Rick is a marketing and messaging wizard. He brings numerous insights from his extensive experience at telecommunications companies, mobile hardware companies and enterprise software companies. He especially loves music and traveling with his wife and two young children.


Heather Walters

Program Manager
Heather is a process virtuoso. She knows how to create harmony in her teams, and has previously worked at renowned theaters such as Apple and Yahoo. Whether she’s in the office keeping us organized or traveling the world, you can guarantee Heather will have a warm cup of tea in hand.


Alona Yavorski

Finance Manager
Alona is an accounting and finance whiz. She has years of experience doing accounting and taxes for small businesses and early stage startups. Outside of her love of numbers, Alona loves getting outdoors to hike, kayak, and paddle board.


Andrew Bao

Release Engineer
Andrew came to us from the video game industry where he honed his release skills on AAA titles such as Dead Space. When he's not organizing repos and writing build scripts, he loves ripping up the slopes in Tahoe and playing tabletop games.


Rahul Belur

Data Scientist
Rahul lives for data. After studying mathematics at Carnegie Mellon, he’s tackled data problems on teams at Google and Eventbrite. Analyzing data is even the backbone of his favorite hobby: fantasy football. Rahul also loves watching NBA games and going to concerts.


Gayathri Radhakrishnan

Head of Product
Gayathri, also known as “G,” is at the helm of product. Having driven strategies at major companies like Dell and many startups, G feels at home steering the Wixi ship in the right direction. G is a dedicated mother of two and whenever possible is traveling with her family.


Nilesh Darade

IoT Software Engineer
Nilesh knows full stack software development like the back of his hand. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science and loves creating cutting edge UI with JavaScript. In his free time, Nilesh likes to cheer on Chelsea FC and play cricket.


Traci Brinton

Director of Client Experience
Traci thrives on creating joy for clients and teams. Whether she's putting on amazing experiences or advocating on behalf of clients, she's got it covered. Even with a busy schedule, Traci always makes time to enjoy traveling with her two children.


Pablo Bertorello

Sr. Data Engineer
Pablo is masterful at high-throughput low-latency streaming data processing for AI. He was CTO of a pioneering Initial Coin Offering company, and previously co-invented a cloud platform company acquired by Oracle. He has lead scrum adoptions: pre-series-A through pre-IPO. Pablo is the author of highly-cited patents. In his free time he enjoys solo mountain climbing and team skiff sailing.


Ulises A. Castillo

iOS Software Engineer
Ulises was born to be a hacker. He was the first iOS developer to figure out how to create animated games on watchOS (before the introduction of SpriteKit). When he is not working on iOS, modifying his vimrc (over 600 lines), or studying Computer Vision, he can be found cycling in the Santa Cruz mountains.


Miguel Nieto Guillen

iOS Developer
Miguel has years of experience in the IT and software industry. He is extremely passionate about creating iOS applications and frameworks, designing and developing rich user interface for iPhone. If that’s not enough he loves to read about technology, VR and AR. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.


Marcos Lara

Director of Developer Relations
Marcos manages our SDK product and the supporting systems. As a former tech entrepreneur and product leader, he has traveled around the world hosting and participating in Hackathons. His knowledge in rapid prototyping, API programing, and product development are just some of his full stack skill set. Known for his outgoing personality, “ship it” attitude and endless energy, Marcos brings the spirit of innovation and agile culture wherever he goes.


Guna Ramireddy

Senior iOS Software Engineer
Guna brings extensive experience building routing software and network analytics products at various networking companies, and recent years has developed a wide range of mobile applications. He is an entrepreneur at heart, and a hands-on technologist with passion for building products that solve real world customer problems. He also enjoys traveling with his kids.